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Some Creative thoughts


So this is our first blog ever! We started this company in March of 2016. Thus it took a while for us to really get off the ground. As a graphic design company, it was a little easier since we provide services and not products (yet).

When this website was created, I was really hesitant about creating a blog section. I looked at many other design websites and it was a 50/50 split for some that had blogs and others that didn't.


Oh yeah, My name is Jorel.I founded this company.  With a graphic design background, I knew it wanted to create a company of my own to provide the services I loved to do. 

So back this blog, I wasn't sure if people really wanted to read blogs anymore but I figured we should document all our progress because I know others are going through the same thing. To help others going through similar obstacles has always been apart of our goal to BRING VISIONS ALIVE. 

This blog will be written from the heart. If we have others articles that we fill is important to the creative world, we will post those as well. I'm not sure how long theses post will be but I know it will be full of insightful and helpful information. 

We will like to welcome you to our site and hope all info is helpful to you. Feel free to contact us at any time and it would be a pleasure of ours to do business with you in the future.